Desco Lounge

Dave's Grandad

Dave’s Grandad roams from Lounge to Lounge reporting extensively on what he sees and experiences through the splendiferous medium of Twitter. You can follow Dave’s Grandad here for Twitter or on here for Facebook.

Dave’s Grandad was built by our good friend Matthew Healey. Matthew is the construction manager and senior prop maker at Aardman, he’s an extremely talented chap and really rather good with his hands. He started out with some sketches of Dave’s Grandad based on the old Loungers photos we have, moving onto a clay sculpt to refine the shape and size. Once this was just right he built a silicone mould, added a pinch of magic, poured in the fibreglass mix and hey presto out popped out Dave’s Grandad! Bingo!

The camera case is another scratch build whittled into shape in wood and other modelly chemical stuff. Now all painted and in his best bib and tucker he sits proudly keeping an eye over proceedings on a mahogany base with gold leaf lettering… Check out the ‘making of’ gallery to the right to see how he was built.

Inside Dave’s Grandad are a host of wires, leads, bits and bobs and a HD network camera. This ‘evil’ eye connects to the internet and depending on where Dave’s Grandad is currently on tour, streams live to this website all he surveys.